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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kindle and Comixology Kind of Suck

From: My A Group Post on Facebook...
Gary Cohen, thanks for the add, I'll save my formal introduction my next webcomic update...

For now, my name is Zon Petilla and I believe in developing a better internet eco system for creators and readers. One of my friends, as a pure reader, wants to support independents but there are no real DRM alternatives that give readers or creators control over the future of digital reading, trades, etc. She actually has been debating on Comixology or Kindle. The debate steams from: she is a Nook user, and Nook is in the middle of a corperate sell out. So her comics on nook are not accessible and there's no one she knows of working to fix the problem. She bought these comics, but has no control over her digital library. 

In short, Comixology and Amazon's Kindle kind of suck.

It's a strong opinion but please hear me out. For the reader, they don't let us keep backups of the comics we buy. Moreover, they have the ability to remove comics from their servers, and thus remove our access to them. Why do they call it a "Buy" button, it should be called a "rent" button. 

According to my friend Bob Noble: For the creator, you are subject to their software and their policies, which affect pricing and their cut, as larger companies get bigger brakes and deals that we are not privy to. Bob's example is having to sell his music at 9.99 from the UK versus being able to drop the price any lower. This affects him developing a social media campaign to advertise a sale, or give incentives to his fans as a reward for supporting his work. 

We all know, digital is so much more convenient, and simply going back to physical books is going back in tech. A webcomics project by Brian King's inkoutbreak may be the start of a much better comics service based on it's track record. It was started for readers to find creators, and it listen to feedback unlike were everything is super automated. 

Still, inkoutbreak needs a little bit of funding to get a chance to come out of the basement and unto the main street. If you love comics please take a look at this project.

If you agree like %70-80 with what I am saying, please share and share away. Also, I'm down for a disscuion here as well as about the things I just posted.