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Thursday, November 25, 2010

FULL SAIL Dicussion Post_ Market Analysis

The major entertainment brand I chose was the Penny Arcade Network because they incorporate a mix-model revenue stream and represents a large part of the videogame market. Also, the company started as a small independent web-comic and grew into one of the largest of its type (as seen below).

Sadly, when you see the demographics for the site, white males ages 18-34, most without kids, who make 30,000 to 100,000, dominate this market place. This proves a lot of stereotypes about gamers and reinforces the reason why shooters make more money on console gaming (i.e. white guys like shooting stuff). I find this shocking because many gamers I play with have been female and non-white on Xbox live. Female and non-white statics are in the minority. As far as education, it’s about half and half with those who have a college education.

Most users view the site from home. Other demographic habits seems to be looking at similar video games sites such as, Gametrailers, GameStop, Game FaQs, which I may add are sites I visit and have mentions or advertisements on the Penny Arcade website from time to time. Interesting enough the teen-sites affiliated to the data have also had mentions or advertisements on Penny Arcade’s website such as and Techknology sites such Gizmodo and also had fair mention at least; note, I never saw advertisements for the information sites. Bottom line, it seems that if a web-service advertises or are mentioned on Penny Arcade and do something related to interests of the community, a service can gain followers for their website.

The media vehicles used by this particular audience would be websites, events, and videogame consoles. Keep in mind Xbox Live, and the Playstation Network have similar digital services like a computer and even extra things particular to those services such as downloadable exclusive content. More people I know would rather watch streaming video on Netflix on their Xbox, than the actual TV show on Televsion. Not to mention that new cell phones interface with Penny Arcade’s web service. Also note, the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), which is held in multiple locations and is a major part of the Penny Arcade’s success, drives the idea that public appearances in the digital age are just as important as virtual appearances. Thus, I contend this demographic is hungry for public events driven by home media experiences.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

RE: Mark Cuban on Attack of the Show

Re: Marketing in the Current Internet Market
*The Good:
Cuban’s states that people over 30 are not that important to media trends as younger undefined media users because the older the user the less time they have to learn new applications and devices. The good news related to education project I want to launch is that most users are kids or teens which is well below Cuban’s given age range.

*The Bad:
Web-based internet camping in regards to Cuban’s interview means that the major corporations have kept their competitive edge over small start-up content creators because of their media budgets. For example, there are too many independent musicians trying to get new consumers’ attentions and fail often because consumers have no real way to find one practical new musician from the millions of other new musicians. Cuban explains that today, YouTube is harder to really draw a content fan base because there are just too many content producers.

Considering Cuban’s comments, presenting any new content runs into the problem of how does my content gain a consumer’s attention. Of course, this has been a classic marketing 101 problem. However, what is interesting though, is that large companies still have huge advantages in attracting new consumers. Meaning, both the fear of corporate stakeholders and the dream of small independent producers, seems not to exist.

*Question to Consider
In considering how to market my education project using the Internet, the new concern is how to be effective given the control the major media companies have on the Internet.

Re: Execution in the Current Internet Market

Two things to consider from Cubans remarks; the Internet is not the future of media and new media technologies. The Internet has become established as a daily device like TV. In other words, new programs and devices may emerge, but something like the next social network is irrelevant. Also, older media models such as TV and Movies, we’ll probably be around for a very long time because they are part of the culture.

*The Good_
A web comic and animated series considering Cuban’s remarks means that the project I’m pursing will still be commercially viable in years to come.

*The Bad_
Major corporations may establish strong media footholds that prevent the successful marketing of the project or force a buy out in order to grant successful media distribution of my project to consumers.

*Question to Consider

Does an education project have certain protections from large imposing corporate forces on the Internet?

SWOT Analysis


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thoughts on Team Management

11072010 Blog

For this Full Sail Sunday Blog, I’m reflecting on my three years as a teacher of adults and my recent endeavors to develop a creative team. In my class there is something the students and the teacher have to do and maybe find something enjoyable out of the experience, but on a project there is something that drives what the team wants to do, but encounters things the team needs to do. In other words, an effective teacher must inspire students to learn, but a project manager must inspire the team to do.

Note worthy from Chapter 4 of Project Management, the certainty that managers would like versus the real uncertainties of the life of the project creates extra stress. A teammate’s worth may change over the course of the project based on the needs of the project and the basics of human psychology. As far as being a teacher, one has to upkeep their craft by actually reflecting and developing their teaching skills. For team-based projects, a teammate must reflect and evolve as the project changes over time. This is very important to consider when looking at the political climate of the stakeholders, and the project changes that may have to occur that conflict with individual teammates' politics and desires.

Why is a team important within your industry?

One person cannot do everything when it comes to making quick realistic deadlines. A team with each member individual role defined creates a group that can produce much faster than just an individual. For example, if having key frame animator and in-between animator makes the animation process faster than just having one person due both jobs.

How would you go about putting your team together?

I recruit by the following: Shared goal, Skill, Deadline Driven, Communication, and Trust. If the team comprises of individuals I want to work with everything goes fine, but sometimes-random elements makes the team unstable.

How would you communicate with them?

I prefer Phone calls, Texts, and Emails, but am interested in learning or using new commutation media. Consider the importance of having two types messages, group and personal communication. Twitter for example has a lot of business potential. Imagine creating an account that uses Twitter where only your team can see specific project information in real time. Facebook recently released a better version of their group’s service.

Legal Note: The class is using Gary R Heerkens’ book Project Management Copyright 2010 McGra-Hill. The following notes and charts fall under Fair-Use for educational reasons and no direct profits were from material discussed. There is Added comment Comments from Zon Petilla. Most material was “paraphrased” by Zon Petilla.