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Sunday, August 18, 2013

BICOF 2013 Small I-Phone Videos

Kind of feel behind the video game day blogs, sorry, but I need to publish these for a class.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My First Game Making Class Day 3

Reader Note: Sigh, so much for daily updates... I went to finish the game last week on my own after the "summer camp" was out and it pretty much took everything out of me. I do plan to post all six days. So now for the recap...

What happened on...
My First Game Making Class Day 3.

Comparing to the first day, we further developed our game document, and added more gameplay elements. We started talking about power ups. At this point, I made them create mini-presentations as part of the "English" part of my camp.

Teachers (Ghosts)
Pacman (Student)
Pellets (test pages)

First I did a demo of what I wanted them to do. (*Sigh my power up didn't make the final cut). 

Spicy Ramen:
What does it do?
Cuases Giman to have bad breath that makes a teacher retreat to their desk.
How long does it last?
5 Seconds
2 Points

The first volunteer student was the one with the power downs, so he went first.

Adult Videos_
What do they do?
Make students can’t move
How long does it last?
2 seconds
-5 Points

What do they do?
Slow down students _ Normal speed is 5, Smokers Speed is 2
How long does it last 5 seconds...
-10 Points

Power Up:
Red Monster/
What does it do?
Makes Giman Faster. Normal Speed is 5. Red-monster speed is 10
How long does it last?
3 seconds
It is worth 5 Points

Power Up:
What does it do?
Makes Giman Faster... Normal Speed is 5 and his coffee speed is 7
How long does it last?
5 seconds
Coffee is worth 3 Points

The Super-Power Up_ Finished Test Causes teacher run back to their desk and grade for 5 Seconds. Finally, we had to rethink our single level design. Unlike day 2, we realized creating a classroom maze would make more sense becuase it was just easier to recreate then the entire floor of the school. And now an embarassing video of what remained of the students and I playing a game of tag to figure out movement in the game world.

This was a rough I made in class with the student's input. I used my Ipad 3 and an app called Idraw.

Next time: How to teach students to make noise in class... well make "music" and "noise" for a game.