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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My First Game Making Class Day 2

Sorry, I am playing catch up... I'll try and post the next five days of what happened during last week, this week.

So we reviewed the basic stuff of how the Internet works and then moved on to talking about "events" in Javascript and video games.

I used this episode of Bravest Warriors to explain events... as you watch the episode you will realize that the three planets are interlinked, and each planet needs something to happen before the other planets can do the next thing on the list. I felt the show was a great example of events.

So know we looked at Pac-man again and tried to figure out what the events were, and what we needed to happen.

Admittedly. this got to be a bit boring after awhile because we listed stuff for about 40 minutes... Keep in mind, English is not their first language, so this I had to wait for them to form a thought from Korean to English. Watching this video over and over again while listing events. Of course, I said sound was an event, but not to worry about that until we covered sound events.

So we figured...
Pac man eats small pellets. Ghosts can eat pac man. Pac man dies. Unless, Pacman eats large pellet, then he can eat ghosts. If ghost is eaten, they become eyes. Eyes go to center, and become ghosts. Blue ghosts taste good, other colors taste bad. 

Note: Looking back, and as you can tell, we were missing key events related to things like path finding, game scoring, lives, etc. Later, I would come to realize that the **Pacman (Beginner Tutorial) was a little incomplete towards the end.

In any case, we always wanted to make something new and not just copy from what we saw, so our level wasn't' a maze. It was the idea of making the first floor of the school as the game map.  

And that was about it for the second day. We of course, didn't finish and had to move things to the next day.

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